Malaysia Turtle Conservation

Malaysia is the land of diversity – from the vibrant mix of Asian cultures and languages, to the eclectic mix of environments and landscapes. From primary jungles and eco-systems to glitzy cities and bountiful oceans – you can see it all.

If you’re looking for a meaningful conservation project in a paradise beach location, then this experience is definitely for you. Following a brief exploration of the buzzing capital city of Kuala Lumpur, you will head down to the Perhentian Islands to work on a sea turtle conservation project.

Spend your days on turtle patrol helping researchers to record nesting patterns and collect data, educating tourists on responsible snorkelling and playing with the children in the village.

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  • Work on a sea turtle conservation project on paradise beaches
  • Explore the bright lights of Kuala Lumpar
  • Experience a vibrant mix of Asian cultures
  • Immerse yourself with the local community


  • Day 1

    Depart the UK and arrive in Kuala Lumpar.

  • Day 2

    Explore the sights of the bustling city of Kuala Lumpar.

  • Days 3-8

    Catch the boat to the Perhentian Islands and begin your 5-days working at the Turtle Conservation Programme.

  • Day 9

    Depart the Perhentian Islands and head to the main land.

  • Day 10

    Take a short flight back to Kuala Lumpar and then return to the UK.

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