Explore is about young people travelling to incredible parts of the world, learning through experience and discovery and coming home inspired to make a difference.

Our Experiences

What is Outlook Explore?

  • The ‘little sister’ of Outlook Expeditions
  • Industry leading adventure travel opportunities for schools
  • Fully inclusive, pre-booked itineraries
  • Easy to book and run
  • From 7 to 18 days
  • 8 destinations and 10 different itineraries

Designed and run by the same team as our expedition programmes – Explore trips offer an abundance of learning and development opportunities – but with less time commitment and organisation involved for teachers.

With expeditions, the emphasis is on learning through challenge to develop character, leadership skills and resilience. Explore trips offer the same opportunities to travel the world, experience different cultures and learn new life skills but the emphasis is on learning through experience and how to travel ethically and responsibly.

Explore trips are an ideal introduction to overseas travel for younger year groups or for teachers travelling with groups for the first time. They are also easy to slot into an existing travel calendar.